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5 Things You Can Do Now to Stop Anxiety

When excessive fears and worries plague you, it is critical to figure out what you can do to stop the anxiety so that it does not entirely take over your life. If you have an anxiety disorder, you must find simple strategies that can help you manage or reduce anxiety. Here are five things you can do now to help stop stress before it gets out of control. Understand the Anatomy of Your Anxiety When you understand what an anxiety attack is, what causes it, and how your body responds, you can keep from becoming afraid of the symptoms. When you can become unafraid of anxiety symptoms, you can quickly put an end to them, when your mind starts to race with anxious thoughts. Knowledge is power, and the more you can understand anxiety, the faster you can stop it from controlling your life. Stop frightening Yourself Fear is the most common culprit behind anxiety. The moment you refuse to allow yourself to become afraid you have effectively removed the primary reason for an anxiety attack. When you eliminate fear from your life, you can gain more control of your body's emergency response system and take control of the onset of an anxiety attack. Calm Yourself Being able to calm yourself helps to shut off the mechanism in your brain that causes anxiety attacks and ends your body's stress response. The more you can calm yourself down, the faster you can stop the anxiety attack and start to feel better. A sure way to end, control, and prevent future panic attacks is to find ways to calm yourself. Divert Your Attention Most anxiety attacks are caused and fueled by repetitive negative thoughts. When you can redirect your attention, you can effectively prevent anxious thoughts from taking over. As you divert your attention from negative thoughts that turn anxious, you simultaneously put an end to the onset of voluntary anxiety attacks. Know That Anxiety Attacks End No matter how powerful an anxiety attack is, it will always end. While you can stop them faster by implementing some of the above techniques and methods, you must remember that all anxiety attacks will end. Riding out the anxiety attack and knowing that it will end, can help you to stay calm and shut off the stress response and anxiety attack. You do not need to suffer needlessly. You can eliminate your anxiety attacks naturally with these simple tips.

To your success,

William J. McClelland CLC, CNC, MPNLP

Disclaimer: Please understand that the content of this article is not meant to replace the advice of a licensed physician. The information provided here is intended as educational material only and should never be interpreted as medical advice. If your condition is a medical emergency, please immediately contact your physician or mental healthcare professional.

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