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If You Suffer from Anxiety, You May Want to Avoid These 5 Foods

You are aware that emotions can significantly influence what you eat. However, did you also know that what you eat can dramatically affect your mood? If you did not already know, some foods could worsen anxiety. According to research conducted by Harvard Health, simple food choices can make a difference in how you feel. Here are five foods that you should avoid if you suffer from anxiety. Wheat Bran Even though experts have been touting wheat bran as a superfood with its high fiber content and complex, nutty flavors, it can significantly increase anxiety, thanks to its high concentration of phytic acid. Phytic acid binds essential mood minerals like zinc and limits their absorption by the body. People who suffer from anxiety need adequate levels of zinc to keep their symptoms at bay. Soy Soy products, while packed with lean protein, are also packed with protease and trypsin inhibitors, which are enzymes that make digesting the protein difficult. Soy products, like tofu, are also high in copper, which is a mineral that has been linked to anxious behavior. If you must eat soy, get rid of the tofu and veggie burgers, and try fermented varieties like miso and tempeh, which are much easier to digest. Coffee Coffee is one of the highest concentrated dietary sources of caffeine which can make an anxious brain even worse. Research has shown that people with anxiety disorders are particularly sensitive to feeling nervous side effects from tiny amounts of caffeine. Caffeine can also impede the absorption of vital mood-balancing nutrients like B vitamins and vitamin D. Whole Wheat Bread For many anxious people, gluten is a sticking point, especially for patients who have celiac disease. Most non-organic wheat is treated with an herbicide called glyphosate, which has been shown to cause a nutrient deficiency of mood-stabilizing minerals. Apple Juice Unlike whole apples, apple juice is devoid of slow-digesting fiber and is often packed with refined fructose. This results in blood level spikes that can trigger a flood of adrenaline and result in symptoms that look a lot like an anxiety attack. Fructose can alter how the brain responds to stress on a genetic level.

Anxiety is not a fun condition to have to deal with. However, you can reduce symptoms by avoiding these foods

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Disclaimer: Please understand that the content of this article is not meant to replace the advice of a licensed physician. The information provided here is intended as educational material and should never be interpreted as medical advice. If you feel that your condition is a medical emergency, be sure to get in touch with your physician or mental healthcare professional immediately

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