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Personal development comes in a wide variety of activities, but it has been my experience that a person must actively want to change before anything can be done. From there, we are able to grow and learn from our experiences.

There are some rules for creating change:

1. We must decide that something must be changed.

2. We must know why we want to changing it.

3. We must know That We can change it.

This will aid in the most common aspects of your life.

The ability to look in on ourselves and see where we fall short, is one of the hardest things for most of us to do. It took me years to figure out the fact that I needed to change; if I were going to attain the greatness I wanted to achieve in this life. It took even longer to actually make the change and bring it to fruition.

Often times, the need for change comes from a dark part of our life: lost of a loved one, divorce, lost of a job or income, maybe just feeling exhausted all the time, due to pore health,eating habits and nutrition. Count yourself lucky if you have insight or have others helping you to zero in on where you need to improve.

Let me caution you here.

It is important that you remember your “why” you are changing, remember the rules of change. If you are changing because someone else is nagging you to change; it has been my experience that the change does not last.

I also want to caution you to the phenomenon of people who want you to change to suit their own needs and agendas. So if you do have someone helping you it would be best to find out their why as well. (“ For some reason change works best when it of you own free will”)

It is my profound wish to empower you.

The path to personal development can be long and complicated one, that isn’t to say you won’t have fun in the process. If you enjoy learning, there are thousands of books that can help you in whatever aspect of development you want. In addition, to the thousands of DVD’s,seminar and workshops. Therefor, there is no shortage of resources.

You may not realize it, but the books some of the great speakers recommend (Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Les Brown) to name a few, quote from, often have great truths hidden within them. As long as you are willing to accept the advice. I personally recommend reading books by the for-mentioned authors.

It has been an ongoing process for me to develop, both personally and professionally. It involved some deep introspection early on in learning self-coping skills, after a long stretch of depression. Slowly learning what my faults were and accepting them as such was not the easiest thing in the world to do.

Seven years later, I understand reading the books, going to the seminar, and engaging in the workbooks helped in way I could only imagine, at least for a while.

Here’s why:

Like in anything, we often stagnate and think that everything is better even if things are just marginally better. I have found in my quest for a better me the key was to always reflect on oneself whenever things are both going well and when things are going poorly.

This combination of reflection gives us a solid look into what is happening in our life, and more importantly, it shows how we have grown or digressed if that be the case.

Note: It would be helpful to keep some kind of journal to record your progress.

Take these reflections and build on them:

1. If we anger too quickly, try to find a ways to dissolve our anger before it blows up.

2. If we find ourselves one of those who cry too easily, take this observation as a wake-up call to toughen up.

These skills will help with your spouse, coworkers, and your boss during the tough times.

If you’re having a hard time tapping into your emotions, and don’t have the insurance for a therapist, Though life coaching is not therapy a reasonably price,well rounded life coach may be useful. You two can speak about what challenges you are having, and they may be able to help.

If funds are low enough not to be able to even pay attention,than call your mom, dad, uncle, anti or that smart person in your family (every family has at least one) Just be careful not to overburden them,strike a balance of give and take before pursuing this option.

It has been my experience that with the exception of the catastrophically lovers that not many people want to be around or associated with someone who is always having problems and is for the most part negative.

With the right mindset, humans are able to move mountains. If your boss or a loved one sees a change in you for the better, you will want to continue growing, and the cycle will continue.

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