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- Dr. Christine C. Singapore -

"William is the most inspiring, thought-provoking man who walks the talk. A truly great life coach!"

- Natalie J. San Diego, California -

"William is an amazing coach and helps you think outside the box and realize your own thinking patterns that you don't even know keep you in a cycle. I have the utmost respect for him and his advice will definitely be something you want. He is truly compassionate and wants you to be able to meet your goals and I recommend him highly to all my close friends." 

 - Jenny K. - Tampa, FL -

"William is an excellent life coach! I have a very fast-paced life, with a demanding job and a family that I want to spend more quality time with. From day one meeting with William, he has helped me focus on and remove barriers in my life. He has helped me make positive changes with my personal goals, (relationships, time management, and stress reduction); as well as helping me focus on my professional goals, (leadership and promotion to next level at my company). William provides me with easy to understand explanations behind why I do certain things, using his vast amounts of research and knowledge along with giving me templates, tools & processes I can use to improve all areas. Simply put, William helps me in living a positive and more fulfilling life. You will be amazed at what even just an hour a week talking with William can help you accomplish!

Thank you for your interest in the Yruymi Life coaching Intervention


Hello William J McClelland here A Certified Life Coach, Nutrition Consultant, and Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. If you will allow me, I will help you design and define your vision for success, help you identify patterns and beliefs that hold you back, along with the strategies to overcome them.


I am a seventeen-year veteran in the field of personal development with experience and in just about every facet of personal empowerment. Those clients who had strategies designed for them by me I saw near-immediate increases in optimism and motivation with clarity of their vision for their future.

The process will begin with a FREE consultation which takes approximately 30 minutes. This is an assessment to clearly define your short and long - term goals. Then we will use these goals as a foundation for deciding what to do to create a strategy for attaining your objectives

The recommended price for someone with my experience is $75.00 - $150 - dollars per session. However, those contacting me through this website will receive approximately a 70% discount.


What Can You Expect To Achieve By Working With Our Product and or With Your Life-Coach


  • Removing that feeling of being stuck and not knowing where to turn

  • Gaining clarity about what you want to achieve with your life


  • Feeling more motivated and understanding what fuels that motivation


  • Knowing how and why you test or argue with people you love


  • Understanding what you need to do to feel happy, loved, and excited


  • A reduction in stress and overwhelm


  • More confidence in your ability to take your life to the next level


  • A new set of skills that you can continue to use for life