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Healing From Emotional Trauma, Breakups,

Personal Development, Personal Empowerment

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Here's What You Get Inside Our Healing from Emotional Trauma Coaching Course: There are 3 modules with 13 total lessons. This is a complete course broken up into lessons, activities, and 25+ additional resources. Module 1: Why It’s So Hard to Let Go of the Pain There is not a person in the world who has not been hurt by someone. Releasing the pain from these wounds is difficult for many, if not most. In this module, your readers will learn how releasing the pain from the past is more complicated than just "getting over it." There are emotional, physical, and mental reasons why letting go of the past is so difficult. Lesson 1 - Understanding What Happens Emotionally Lesson 2 - Understanding What Happens Physically Lesson 3 - Understanding What Happens Mentally Lesson 4 - Module 1 Summary and Reflection Module 2: Understanding Forgiveness The number and type of hurts suffered in the past, combined with thoughts and beliefs, can make it difficult to release the past. When you add the biochemical response, the body must hurt, it's a wonder anyone can forgive another. In this module, your readers will learn that their view of forgiveness can add to the difficulty of putting the past behind them. They'll explore what forgiveness is and what forgiveness isn't. This knowledge will assist them in letting go of the hurt and moving forward with their life in joy. Lesson 5 - What Forgiveness Is Not Lesson 6 - What Forgiveness Is Lesson 7 - Module 2 Summary and Reflection Module 3: Strategies to Let the Pain Go Your readers now know why it's difficult to release or forgive the past. They also know why forgiveness is so very important for them. The question they are left with is, "If forgiving is so good for me, how do I let all the pain go?" In this module, they'll be introduced to several activities and techniques to assist them in forgiving and releasing the past. Lesson 8 - Recognize How Powerful You Are Lesson 9 - Align Your Beliefs to Releasing Pain Lesson 10 - Think Your Way to Freedom Lesson 11 - Tame the Pain Lesson 12 - Changing Behavior Lesson 13 - Module 3 Summary and Reflection

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