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How to Treat Anxiety Without Medication

Unfortunately, too many people who suffer from anxiety are put on prescription medications that do nothing to help them manage their anxiety and might even be causing them more harm. Fortunately, there are several ways that you can control your anxiety without resorting to taking a bunch of prescription medications. Here are some tips to help you manage your blood sugar naturally. Maintain Stable Blood Sugar Our Western diets do nothing to promote healthy and stable blood sugar levels, and every time we experience a drop in our blood sugar, we can start to feel anxious. To maintain your blood sugar levels, you need to incorporate plenty of proteins and healthy fats into your diet and avoid sugar and refined carbohydrates. Avoid Caffeine You cannot underestimate the relationship between caffeine and anxiety. Caffeinated beverages amp up our nervous systems, getting us ready for a fight. Try to reduce your intake of caffeine gradually to avoid any withdrawal symptoms. Within a few weeks, your anxiety symptoms should start to decrease. Get Adequate Sleep Your best protection against your anxiety symptoms is to get enough sleep at night. You can start to get better sleep by reducing or eliminating caffeine, work on maintaining your blood sugar levels and find ways to unwind before you go to bed. Get More Exercise Participating in more physical activity regularly is a great anti-anxiety alternative to prescription medications. If you struggle to fit in regular exercise, start by taking a brief walk outside or participating in simple mini-exercises from the comfort of your living room. In general, you need to try to sit less and stand more. Try to get up and walk whenever possible and lower your standards for exercise. Yoga and Tai Qi are incredibly beneficial for anxiety, but you need to find something that you enjoy to increase your odds of sticking with it. Increase Your Magnesium Many people are deficient in magnesium since our food is produced in magnesium-deficient soil. You can supplement your magnesium in a few diverse ways. You can take a daily magnesium supplement, try a topical magnesium gel, or enjoy a nice relaxing Epsom salt bath. Anxiety can have a significant impact on your quality of life. Finding natural alternatives to prescription medication can go a long way toward reducing your symptoms of anxiety. By making simple changes to your lifestyle, you can stop anxiety and finally get your life back.

To your success,

William J. McClelland CLC, CNC, MPNLP

Disclaimer: Please understand that the content of this article is not meant to replace the advice of a licensed physician. The information provided here is intended as educational material only and should never be interpreted as medical advice. If you feel your condition is a medical emergency, please immediately contact your physician or mental healthcare professional.

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